Upcoming ACI Operations Certificate training at Investment Academy Amsterdam. A well-trained and efficiently organized Treasury Operations Department is essential to complete every transaction. The Operations Department provides a vital service to the Front-Office by ensuring that all funds flow in a timely and correct manner and that all the necessary documentation is completed.
Taking into consideration the wider job function of the Operations Staff, this course and examination have been designed to provide a benchmark for competency in all aspects of the operations and settlement processes. It aims to test candidates’ knowledge of the underlying instruments involved in the international financial markets, the processes for efficient settlements and related basic financial calculations. Candidates should also be able to demonstrate appreciation of the scope, importance and the role of the Operations Department, particularly in ensuring an autonomous service to the Front-Office.
The ACI Operations Certificate is the only International recognized diploma for Financial Markets and Treasury operations staff. No transaction can take place without operations. The operations department provides a vital role in client service, compliance and risk management by ensuring that all funds flow in a timely and correct manner and all the necessary documentation is completed.
The ACI Operations Certificate Candidates will become up-to-date with the latest developments that affect treasury operations. It also helps candidates to understand the front to end treasury flow, which improves the understanding between trading and operations staff. More info at www.investmentacademy/aci

The examination takes place on 23 April 2018. The examination lasts 2 hours and consists of 75 multiple-choice questions. Some questions might require the use of a basic calculator. The latter will be provided.

This training (Incl. Exam) takes place on 16 & 17 April and 19 & 20 April 2018

De Compagnie, Geestbrugkade 32, 2281 CX Rijswijk


Dalsteindreef 1042, Gebouw 1, 1112XC Diemen

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How millennials are shaking up treasury operations Companies are increasingly hiring people to treasury teams with minimal financial backgrounds. They may be data analysts or technology specialist, according to Dominique Potiron, senior partner at headhunting firm Spencer Stuart.

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Hedge funds staged a mass retreat from their net record net short in agricultural commodities, encouraged by weather worries in Argentina and the US – although raising ideas they had reversed too far.

Argentine dryness has prompted a rash of downgrades to estimates for corn and soybean production. Meanwhile, in the US, futures in Kansas City hard red winter wheat gained particular strength from US Department of Agriculture data showing a sharp deterioration in the condition of winter wheat crops in particular in the southern Plains, a major growing area for the type.

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To say Blockchain-technology is one of the greatest innovations of our times is an understatement. It is a technology that is not only touching, but even disrupting numerous industries and professions.

This revolution of digital trust has a broad spectrum of implementations and needs an even broader spectrum of skills to implement it right.
One needs to have an accurate oversight of all the aspects and possibilities involving Blockchain: financial, legal, technical, operational. Your Blockchain-implementation can be successful only by fitting all the pieces of the puzzle.

Educational Programme

We can provide you with the knowledge to have that oversight, to look through the smokescreen of technical jargon, to make decisions based on how Blockchain actually works.
We have developed an indepth educational programme that grants you the opportunity to take a dive in the world of Blockchain and everything that is linked with this technology.

Blockchain 2-day course - Foundations of Blockchain Technology
Blockchain 6-day course - Blockchain: The Deep Dive Sessions


How will PSD2 change the world?

On 13 January 2018, the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) officially came into force across Europe. PSD2 is designed by the countries of the European Union and could revolutionise the payments industry, affecting everything from the way we pay online, to what information we see when making a payment.
PSD2 will break down the bank’s monopoly on their user’s data. It will allow ‘merchants’, businesses like Amazon, to retrieve your account data from your bank - with your permission. That means when you buy something they can make a payment for you, without having to redirect you to another service like PayPal or a credit card company
The global payments market is rapidly growing as an increasing number of consumers shift from cash to credit cards and in particular other payment methods.

So, ING has made a smart move today

ING has bought a majority stake in payment processor Payvision.
ING said on Monday it has agreed to buy a majority stake in payment group Payvision as the Dutch lender looks to boost its foothold in the payment processing market.
The lender’s business clients will be able to accept payments through “any channel” including online stores and through retail terminals by using the Payvision platform.
Non-cash transaction volumes globally are expected to reach 726bn per year by 2020 from 433bn in 2015, according to research by Capgemini and BNP Paribas.

We will bring PSD2 to you!

Join us for an informal workshop exploring PDS2 within the changing payments landscape. Hear from an industry expert who will help you navigate your way through this often complex environment.

PSD2 Workshop - Pending Challenges and Opportunities
PSD2 Workshop - A Deep Dive


"Knowledge is not power. The sharing of knowledge is power. It’s crazy to think you’re the only one in your company or organization with specific knowledge, and therefore power. Rather than trying to hoard something that can be easily acquired, share your knowledge. Two people will collectively know more than one. Three will know more than two. And when you have a room full of smart people sharing their knowledge, there’s very little you can’t accomplish together."

Douglas Merrill, former CIO and VP of Engineering at Google

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