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  • (EMIR)
    I learned better understanding of the collateral material and margin issues.
    I learned differences between Dodd-Frank versus EMIR…

  • (Derivaten)
    Verbreding van kennis omtrent de werking van derivaten, financiële markten, alsmede het opzetten van optiestructuren die risicomijdend werken.

  • (Asset Management in time)
    I particularly enjoyed Behavioral Finance part of Market Analysis. This was extremely well  taught and explained. Very much in correlation with day to day work in my case.  For the rest some parts were very in at given my level of understanding but also the work we had to do on one side I was unable to follow throughout.   All and all looking back, it was a great way to give someone with little knowledge on the industry a general, almost complete picture of the different areas, thanks!…    

  • (Derivaten)

    Goed gedaan hoor!

  • Veel technieken en begrippen geleerd. Met name de praktijkvoorbeelden uit eigen ervaring die de trainer gaf, waren erg leerzaam. Dit kan en zal ik zeker gaan toepassen voor mijn eigen werkzaamheden. Ik heb geleerd wat derivaten zijn, soorten, strategieën en risico’s van derivaten.

  • Zoals op de Erasmus, vonden de studenten aan de VU je gastcollege vorig jaar september erg inspirerend. In de evaluaties kwam de vraag naar voren om vooral meer van dergelijke sprekers te organiseren.  

  • (ACI Suite of Diplomas)
    I think every lecture should be structured similarly to Bobs’. He selected more interesting topics, took some time to explain them in a clear way and did not rush through the slides. Therefore I think I got many new insights during this training period. However, sometimes I found Bob repetitive. Still in my opinion it is better to be repetitive when one teaches rather than just jump through all topics. Probably I took away a lot because of this ‘Bob-technique’.

  • Trainer heeft veel kennis. Training sluit goed aan om mijn basiskennis uit te breiden. Duidelijke uitleg trainer.

  • (Asset Management in time)
    Technical Analysis, Behavioral Finance pitfalls, these two topics are becoming more and more important. Since Bob took some time to explain things in a clear way I found these topics extremely interesting. Basically I remember the majority of the things he taught, even today, without putting lots of effort to study the material at home by myself.

  • (Asset Management in time)
    I didn't' realise when I left yesterday that we might not see each other (soon). So thanks for the course and all for your explanations! ..And good luck with the house! ;)

  • Very good training! Good benefit from a few more examples to illustrate things.. Bob managed to make something very nice out of boring stuff. This trainer knows how to explain!

  • (DSI Intermediate Investment Management)
    It was a very good learning experience for me exploring the area of Financial Analysis and Corporate Finance. The consolidated modeling helped me trigger a lot of excel working and analytical thinking which can be useful in my regular work. The other sessions of Fixed Income & Interest Rate and Behavioral Finance were the most contributing to my work.                  It focused on a lot of practice rather than theory, which is something that I feel very important while we are in the industry and not in academia. The practical course objectives which were taught on Fixed Income, Interest Rate, Statistical Modeling, are very useful for my work while deciding solutions  for business in many regulatory projects. Overall I am very happy with the course and the content. It was challenging as well as demanding at times but it really helped me to come out of the comfort zone and learn the asset management insights which are not part of our regular work. Knowing them now as the very assets for me and my future work, I believe.
  • Ik ben tevreden over de trainer en de training. Ik heb veel nieuwe dingen geleerd die mij kunnen helpen om weer een nieuwe job te vinden.

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