ACI Operations Certificate Prep Course

Price category: Category A

Price category: E
Date: 15, 16, 22, 23 October 2018
Duration: 4 days
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Language: NL / EN
Lecturer(s): Charley Klop
PE points:  28





A well-trained and efficiently organised Treasury Operations Department is essential to complete every transaction. The Operations Department provides a vital service to the Front-Office by ensuring that all funds flow in a timely and correct manner and that all the necessary documentation is completed.


Taking into consideration the wider job function of the Operations Staff, this examination has been designed to provide a benchmark for competency in all aspects of the operations and settlement processes. It aims to test candidates’ knowledge of the underlying instruments involved in the international financial markets, the processes for efficient settlements and related basic financial calculations. Candidates should also be able to demonstrate appreciation of the scope, importance and the role of the Operations Department, particularly in ensuring an autonomous service to the Front-Office.


The ACI Operations Certificate is the only International recognized diploma for Financial Markets and Treasury operations staff. No transaction can take place without operations The operations department provides a vital role in client service, compliance and risk management by ensuring that all funds flow in a timely and correct manner and all the necessary documentation is completed.


The ACI Operations Certificate Candidates will become up-to-date with the latest developments that affect treasury operations. It also helps candidates to understand the front to end treasury flow, which improves the understanding between trading and operations staff.



Learning objectives:


  • Describe the roles of dealers, brokers and operations officers
  • Explain the importance of checking and matching confirmation processes
  • Describe different types of settlements
  • Understand the risks involved with third party payments
  • Describe relevant responsibilities, cycle processes and incorporated controls.
  • Calculate reset / fixing rates and margins for plain vanilla derivative instruments
  • Define the features of the major short term fixed income securities
  • Understand the Industry Best Practice for general setup, controls and business contingency planning (BCP)



Target group:


  • Recent entrants to the Operations Department (Back-Office)
  • Other trading room support areas
  • Internal and external auditors
  • Compliance and risk officers
  • Product Control, VendorsBack and middle-office professionals





This 4-day course gives a clear in-depth view on operational processes, including derivatives and use in hedging, trading and speculation

Using case studies and exercises, delegates will intuitively understand the mechanics

The roles of each participant within the financial market will be explained and provides an understanding of the risk management context of Trading, Sales, Middle-Office and Operations

It gives an understanding of how the whole transaction process management flows as well as the importance of providing quality, customer-orientated service to internal and external clients

To acquire an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the Model Code’s FX Best Practices Operations with an emphasis on professionalism and integrity

Overall Financial Market and front to end Treasury View

Deal capture, Trade entry & Confirmations

Settlement, netting and clearing

Reconciliations and investigations

Treasury systems and data management

Risk management, controls, compliance, documentation

Foreign exchange

Money market


Short-term bonds & notes

Best Practices Operations


Provider: Investment Academy in association with  Total Solutions






The attendants will receive an English written reader of about 200 pages, which they are required to study before the course begins.

During the course each subject area will be covered by a Power Point presentation. This is followed by a session answering multiple-choice questions similar to the ACI exam questions.

Much emphasis is given to the implemented Model Code 2013. The content of the Model Code will be covered simultaneously with the regular subject areas as well as in a separate overview session.

At the end of the course the attendants can take a practice exam consisting of 85 multiple-choice questions. This exam will be discussed for everyone’s  benefit.

The home-study material will consist of the course reader, the presentations, a CD with 5 times access to a database of hundreds of “exam like” multiple choice questions. This access can be extended to 45 times access. The requirements of set-up, utilization and registration will be discussed during the training.



Format: The examination lasts 2 hours and consists of 75 multiple-choice questions. The overall pass level is 60% (45 correct answers), assuming that the minimum score criteria for each of the topic baskets is met. There is a minimum score criteria of 40% for each Topic Basket.


Calculators: Some questions will require the use of a calculator. A basic one will be provided on the computer screen. We will also provide you with a Casio FX82  hand-held calculator, This calculator is neither text programmable nor capable of displaying graphics with a size more than 2 lines.


The costs of this exam are € 275,-- and are excluded from the training fee


Date of first examination: 19 November

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    •   20 to 10 days notice: 50% of the program fee 
    •   Less than 10 days notice: 100% of the program fee. 
    Notice of cancellation must be sent in writing to INVESTMENT ACADEMY. Verbal notice is not considered a cancellation. Postponing an enrollment to a later date is not possible. 

  2. Event - registration and cancellation
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2.3 Notice of cancellation - charges/refunds apply as follows: 
•    At least 10 days notice before event: € 100 administrative fee applies 
•    Less than 10 days notice before event: event fees still apply and are due to INVESTMENT ACADEMY, and no refunds will be given 
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Open Enrollment Programs - further conditions to enrollment 
3. Other General Conditions 
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3.7 Any refund made by INVESTMENT ACADEMY will be paid to the original payor. 
3.8 Programs are not transferable between participants unless notified in writing to INVESTMENT ACADEMY at least 48 hours prior to the program start. All replacement participants must submit a completed INVESTMENT ACADEMY enrollment form and should have the required knowledge/background appropriate to the program. 
3.9 INVESTMENT ACADEMY reserves the right to use its discretion to determine whether to make refunds in particular instances which fall outside paragraph 3 above. 
3.10 INVESTMENT ACADEMY reserves the right to change the program, faculty, dates and locations from the published timetables. 
3.11 INVESTMENT ACADEMY reserves the right to cancel a program due to unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to too few participants. In such a case, program fees will be reimbursed. However, INVESTMENT ACADEMY can not accept responsibility for any travel, accommodation or other costs incurred for a cancelled program. 
3.12 INVESTMENT ACADEMY reserves the right to alter published programs or speakers or to cancel or change lectures at its discretion. 
3.13 The participant is responsible for all hotel charges incurred including in the event of any cancellation charges being applied. 
3.14 Liability of INVESTMENT ACADEMY for losses arising from their negligence (except in the case of liability for death or personal injury), breach of contract or otherwise will be limited to the full amounts paid by the relevant participant for the particular programs and/or study materials. Except in the case of liability for death and personal injury, such companies will have no liability for indirect or consequential loss or damage. 
4. Study Materials 
4.1 All study materials, whether in written or electronic format, are supplied by INVESTMENT ACADEMY. 
4.2 Where study materials are supplied in conjunction with a program they are included in the fees quoted. 
4.3 Full payment is required prior to dispatch of study materials or release of online user IDs and passwords. 
4.4 Study materials will be made available, whenever possible, a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of the program. 
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