DSI (Senior) Investment Manager

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The investment manager acquires management clients and is responsible for optimal investment results within the level of risk determined in consultation with the client and recorded in the management contract. The management contract stipulates that the client authorises the manager to sell and purchase securities (letter of attorney).

You will learn the theory and the real-world skills necessary to design, execute, and evaluate investment proposals that meet financial objectives. We will start with an overview of global financial markets and instruments that characterize the investment opportunities available to today’s investor.

The next step is to balance the change to maximize return under the condition of minimal risk. Therefore, we will learn you how to construct optimal portfolios that manage risk effectively, and how to capitalize on understanding behavioral biases and irrational behavior in financial markets. You will learn the best practices in portfolio management and performance evaluation as well as current investment strategies. We will introduce you to all the neccessary analytical tools wnd we will teach you the quantitative skills and practical knowledge necessary for long-term investment management success.

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Investment Academy

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Investment Academy

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