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An introduction to the essential steps for

Level 1
Foundations Financial Risk (FRM) Level 1:

GARP’s Foundations of Financial Risk (Foundations) is an ideal introduction to risk management. Written by leading financial experts, the e-learning course provides an overview of the field’s key topics, and can be used as a self-study program or incorporated into a firm’s training curriculum.

Foundations takes a practice-oriented approach to risk education. The course pays special attention to the ways in which financial institutions operate and the impact of international regulations.

Learn the essential steps for identifying, assessing, and managing financial risk in core areas such as:
• Credit
• Market
• Operations
• Insurance
• Regulatory Supervision


An Overview of Foundations
The course is designed as a stand-alone instructional tool with the following learning objectives:

The New World of Banking

• Banking after the Global Financial Crisis

• The European Banking Crisis of 2010-2013

• The Rise of Shadow Banking

• Interconnectivity and Contagion

• International Bank Regulation


CHAPTER 1 Functions and Forms of Banking
CHAPTER 2 Managing Banks
CHAPTER 3 Banking Regulation
CHAPTER 4 Credit Risk
CHAPTER 5 The Credit Process and Credit Risk Management
CHAPTER 6 Market Risk
CHAPTER 7 Operational Risk
CHAPTER 8 Regulatory Capital
CHAPTER 9 Insurance Risk



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