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ACI - ACI Financial Markets Association

ACI Financial Markets Association (ACI) is a leading global trade association representing the interests of the professional financial markets community. Established in 1955, ACI is focused is on enhancing best market practice and supporting market participants to adhere to principles of ethical conduct.

The ACI Model Code, launched originally in the 1970s, is acknowledged as the first industry-wide Code of Conduct for OTC/FX markets. Updated subsequently to embrace the broader OTC community - and expanded from the dealing floor through to back office operations - the ACI Model Code has strongly influenced many national Codes of Conduct in use today.

ACI’s suite of education, certification and attestation products and services, its committees and industry working groups and its global network of National Associations provide a comprehensive framework for education, support and advice for individuals and organisations operating in today’s financial markets.




CAIA - Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association

The CAIA Association strives to fulfill the Association’s primary mission: to provide a comprehensive knowledge of alternative investments and to advocate high standards of professional conduct.

Distinguish yourself with knowledge, expertise, and a clear career advantage – become a CAIA Charterholder. CAIA® is the globally-recognized credential for professionals managing, analyzing, distributing, or regulating alternative investments.




CMT - Chartered Market Technician Association

The CMT Association is a global credentialing body with nearly 50 years of service to the financial industry. The Chartered Market Technician® (CMT) designation marks the highest education within the discipline and is the preeminent designation for practitioners of technical analysis worldwide. Our market philosophy is grounded in behavioral economics. Technical analysis provides the tools to successfully navigate the gap between intrinsic value and market price across all asset classes through a disciplined, systematic approach to market behavior and the law of supply and demand.

Earning the CMT demonstrates mastery of a core body of knowledge of investment risk in portfolio management. The CMT market philosophy is grounded in behavioral economics and extends beyond classical pattern recognition techniques to include quantitative approaches to market research and rules based trading system design and testing.




DSI - Dutch Securities Institute

DSI works to foster a financial sector in which consumers, entrepreneurs and financial institutions can do business with confidence. A sector that is free of incidents caused by professionals violating the rules. That is what builds confidence in the sector.

The financial sector has asked the DSI Foundation to implement its strict standards for self-regulation. We screen new employees in the sector and certify personnel. We regularly review certified individuals for integrity, knowledge and professional expertise. With its three pillars of Screening, Certification and Ethics, DSI offers a unique, closed system that can dramatically reduce the risk of incidents.

DSI was founded in 1999 by the financial sector itself. The foundation has covenants and agreements with the Financial Markets Authority (AFM) and De Nederlandsche Bank, and enjoys the broad support of branch organisations in the financial sector.




FMI - Financial Modeling Institute

Financial Modeling and Financial Analysis are among the most highly-respected skills in the business world and job marketplace. From Banks, Accounting, Investment, Insurance and Business Decision-Making rely on complex analytical decisions everyday. From building a new real estate development, acquiring a company or valuing risk of a share -- financial modelers are the heart of every transaction and critical business decision. Education is key to ensuring the success of the industry.

The FMI mission is to advance the financial modeling profession by delivering and administering the Financial Modeling Certifications and supporting high quality education and training for financial professionals.




GARP - Global Association of Risk Professionals

GARP enables the risk community to make better informed risk decisions through “creating a culture of risk awareness®”. GARP does this by educating and informing at all levels, from those beginning their careers in risk, to those leading risk programs at the largest financial institutions across the globe, as well as the regulators that govern them.

GARP sets the global standard in professional certification with the FRM® (Financial Risk Manager) and ERP® (Energy Risk Professional) certifications. These programs are rigorous and very well respected across the globe. By demonstrating expertise and commitment to better risk management practices, Certified FRMs and ERPs stand apart in their respective organizations.


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