Decision Making Under Stress

Price category: B
Date: Check the Agenda section on this website
Location: Amsterdam
Duration: 1 Day
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Language: NL / EN
Lecturer(s): Bob Emanuels
PE points:  7


This training helps you to obtain a better understanding of decision making in high risk, high pressure and emergency situations in order to improve performance.

Many decisions must be made under stress, and many decision situations elicit stress responses themselves. Thus, stress and decision making are intricately connected, not only on the behavioral level, but also on the neural level, i.e., the brain regions that underlie intact decision making are regions that are sensitive to stress-induced changes. The focus of this course is on the impact of stress on human behaviour during the process of decision making. 

Learning objectives:

  • After this training you will know:
  • What stress really is and how it effects your behaviour
  • How to control stress levels
  • How to prevent stress from motivating your decisions
  • How to scan for alternatives under controllable and uncontrollable threats
  • How to deal with uncertain, incomplete, ambiguous, and dynamic information
  • How to prevent tunnel vision and decision inertia in high risk situations
  • How to deal with social pressure

Target group:

This is a training for every decision maker on every level throughout the busines. Whether you are a manager or a consultant, a programmer or a sales, back-office or front desk employee, everyone will benefit from the understanding of this natural human behaviour


This 1-day course gives a clear in-depth view on


  • The participants will receive an (English) written handout
  • The course will be supported by a Power Point presentation
  • At the end of the course the participants will be given a certificate of completion


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